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PRESS RELEASE: David Collis will exhibit “Interviewing Jesus –The Man” at Tucson Festival of Books on Saturday March 10th &11th

David Collis – Interviewing Jesus –The Man
Motivational Press 2017 – ISBN 978-1-62865-423-3

Amazon Review, Five Star Rating

Who really was Jesus of Nazareth? If you could sit down and talk with him what would you ask and what would you want to know? Author David Collis imagined such a scenario and asked such questions to the most notable and enduring figure the world has ever known in his groundbreaking book Interviewing Jesus – The Man.

About David Collis:

David began his spiritual odyssey at nineteen when he became captivated by the humanities, art and religion. It is within these disciplines that he discovered his life’s compass. He is intensely curious and passionately ambitious about man’s religious and spiritual traditions. The writing of Thomas Merton, Alan Watts, Joseph Campbell, J. Krishnamurti, Rumi and Paramahansa Yogananda inspired and guided him “through the maze of the world’s religions and mystic traditions as I discovered one remarkable gem after another.” He traveled the world, made pilgrimages to sacred sites, temples and Cathedrals and frequented many of the world’s leading art museums. David earned his MFA degree from the Claremont Graduate School.

The mythology, legends and real history surrounding Jesus of Nazareth also inspired him but the big question, “Who is Jesus of Nazareth really?” provoked David to investigate a vast array of literature and ancient history to find the answer. He focused his creative energies on the life and sayings of Jesus of Nazareth “in order to bring a new and fresh insight into an ancient living tradition.” He felt compelled to write because, “I started to see a facet of Jesus’ life that was shrouded in obscurity. There is more to his story than the New Testament admits and I wanted to shine a brilliant white light on that mystery.”

David vividly portrays the progression of Jesus’ life, his actions and sayings within the first century Judean context. His book is a poetic and insightful meditation on Jesus and is a considerate reflection on the human journey of divine transformation. Interviewing Jesus – The Man is his first book.

Meet author David Collis at the Tucson Festival of Books in Booth 219 on Saturday March 10 & Sunday March 11, 2018 between 9:30AM – 5:30PM at the University of Arizona Campus.

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