If you could sit down with Jesus of Nazareth and talk with him, what would you want to know? What would you ask? Would you want to know more than the theological perspective? Or is the Christian narrative satisfying enough?

Interviewing Jesus is an authentic groundbreaking portrayal of the man who dedicated his life to the Father.  It is a refreshing one-on-one conversation between the author and Jesus. The hopes, aspirations and influences of Jesus are investigated while new and intimate details are revealed. The book sheds light on Jesus’ family, his missing years, the Father, John the Baptist, his ministry and his final days in Jerusalem during Passover. The book culminates with Jesus’ impassioned, painful and heartbreaking crucifixion account and one feels what he felt, sees what he saw, and hears to what he heard. With every twist and turn during the interview, Jesus’ humanity sparkles and glimmers to life as do his many challenges and obstacles.

Interviewing Jesus is a poetic and insightful meditation on the life, times and sayings of Jesus of Nazareth and it is also a considerate reflection on the human journey of divine transformation.

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What People Are Saying

Interviewing Jesus is a title as fascinating as the content of this book. David’s unique perspective on Christianity and the Bible will definitely not let you put this book down.

Andreas Carlssonbestselling author of LIVE TO WIN, FRAN IDÉ TILL SUCCÉ and music composer & lyricist for Cirque du Soleil’s Broadway show, PARAMOUR

Interviewing Jesus is powerful and engaging. David Collis delivers with a depth of understanding that transcends the literal and bridges scripture with a logical and practical conversation that enriches and feeds the Christian soul. David penetrates metaphysical motivations and delivers his interpretation with remarkable insight and savvy. A must read for anyone wishing to understand and explore the life of Jesus.

Brent BaldwinAuthor of THINK WORLD CLASS

David Collis has written one of the most engaging and intimate portraits of the world's most mysterious figure. Who wouldn't want to sit with Jesus Christ and ask him every question you would ever want know about his life and ministry. "Interviewing Jesus; The Man" is a compelling page-turner I could not put down and it has found a permanent place next to our family bible.

Desmond ChildSongwriter Hall Of Fame Inductee and Grammy Winning Co-writer of Bon Jovi's "Livin' On A Prayer."

Interviewing Jesus is a compelling story that transports the reader to feel as though Jesus is alive and personally talking with David. The book is recommended reading for anyone wishing to expand their knowledge about Jesus, his life and his times.

Kerry PalframanAuthor of SPIRIT TALK

About David Collis, Author

A native of Southern California, author David Collis is versed in the humanities, art and religion and holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Art. He is an artist, photographer, carpenter, and designer of a new series of sacred symbols. He characterizes his life as a quest driven by the romance of exploration and invention. His book, Interviewing Jesus, examines the life, times and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and presents him in a bold new light; from infancy to the end of his ministry. Collis vividly portrays Jesus’ spiritual odyssey and compares it to the wisdom and stories from Judaism, the Gospel of Thomas, the ancient Mediterranean religions and the New Testament. Interviewing Jesus is his first book.

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