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James Lowe of KJAG Radio interviews David Collis

About James Lowe
James Lowe is the Program Director of KJAG Radio. He formerly worked for local Hutchinson Kansas Radio Station KSKU. But in 2000, he began experimenting online with a radio program playing Indy music of unsigned artists under the banner KJAG Radio. After 10+ years his subject matter has expanded and his audience has grown significantly.

Dr Amber Wolf Interviews David Collis

About Dr. Amber and Lemurian Sisterhood® Global Channel
Lemurian Sisterhood® Global Channel are Sisters together in the greatest awakening of our Age! The Lemurian Sisterhood is about honoring and empowering the Sacred Feminine with the Priestess Leadership of Dr. Amber (Mele’ha) Wolf who has created and facilitated Goddess Seminars and Sacred Circles with the guidance and prompting of KRYON – Lee Carroll, the original Kryon Channel, since 11/11/11.

The Lemurian Sisterhood’s mission is to bring together a community of women who, through the honoring and support of each other, and with the teachings of the Lemurian Sisterhood, realize their limitless potential and by extension the healing of this planet. Peace on Earth begins within. We are creating a Global Goddess Grid. We are Sacred.