David Collis


Many years ago I moved to the Sonoran Desert and made it my home.  A new creative adventure began for me.  It is difficult to describe the emotions and connections I made with this landscape.  The intense brilliance of the sky, the rugged landscape, the monsoons and lightning storms, the rawness of the wildlife and the power of each season had a profound effect on me: it quieted my mind, expanded my creativity and made me feel alive.

It is here I forged my artistic identity and discovered my artistic voice.  A creative power surged from the depth of my personality.  It was intimate, potent and mysterious – a breakthrough – and it had numerous faces and, like an eternal spring, continues to fuel my diverse artistic expressions.

I hold a BFA from the Otis Art Institute and a MFA from the Claremont Graduate School.  For years I was a studio assistant to various artists and since then I have shown my work in galleries and a variety of exhibition spaces.  One of my paintings was on display at the Tucson Museum of Art in the Arizona Biennial 2023.