My life was an unplanned walk-about that didn’t unfold as expected. I wanted one thing but received another. Questions shaped it instead. Revelations inspired it. Awakenings expanded it. Curiosity fueled it.

I traveled the world, explored sacred places, and searched religious and mystical traditions. The ‘intelligence’ of my hands built houses, furniture, cabinets, and coupled with my artistic personality created abstract art. The motto I’ve acquired: “Life is remarkable; be ready for surprises, and nimble for the unexpected.”

A native of Southern California, author David Collis is versed in the humanities, art and religion and holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Art.

David is an artist, photographer, carpenter, and designer of a new series of sacred symbols. He characterizes his life as a quest driven by the romance of exploration and invention.

David’s book, Interviewing Jesus, examines the life, times and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and presents him in a bold new light; from infancy to the end of his ministry. Christianity and the life and sayings of Jesus allowed Collis to center his creative energies and insights on a single subject “in order to bring a new and fresh insight to an ancient living tradition.”

Interviewing Jesus is an authentic portrayal of the man who dedicated his life to the Father. Collis vividly portrays Jesus’ spiritual odyssey and compares it to the wisdom and stories from Judaism, the Gospel of Thomas, the ancient Mediterranean religions and the New Testament. He approached this ‘thought experiment’ to investigate Jesus’ hopes, aspirations and influences through an imaginary one-on-one conversation. Questions regarding Jesus’ missing years, family, religion, social conditions and Roman occupation are asked and new and intimate details are revealed. Collis explores Jesus’ compassion, how he came to know the Father and what occurred that turned him into a teacher and leader.

The book culminates with Jesus’ impassioned and wrenching crucifixion. Readers will feel what Jesus felt, see what Jesus saw and hear what Jesus heard. Throughout the interview Jesus’ teachings come alive, his thoughts shine, his challenges glisten and his difficulties sparkle. Interviewing Jesus is his first book.