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Painting Statement

2014 Geometric Abstract Painting 1 0514-14My painting is system based, digitally inspired, hand crafted, neo-expressionist geometry. It is cerebral and expressionistic, meditative and architectural, neo-cubist and transcendent. It is the place where the structure of the painting is reinforced by the square, straight lines, 90 degree angles, the underlying grid, and shape created by negative space. It is the arena where simplicity shakes hands with complexity.

Dualism is my overarching inspiration. I blend two contradictory forces – intuition, subjectivity, aesthetics, and the gesture of the paint stroke – with subject matter determined and defined by the cool rationality of a computer batch code, input variables, and their respective output.

Also, I find great satisfaction in the amplification and destruction of the original first phase computer-batch-file approach. I don’t have any pre-conceptions of color or the manner in which the final painting unfolds. I allow subjective choices of color and their intense relationships to direct the painting’s end. The ambiguity of mistakes, erasure, paint drips, the original drawing lines, the gesso substrate, and the thick and thin opaque and translucent paint surfaces become inseparable elements of the whole.

Metaphysically, I want my paintings to transport the viewer to unknown immaterial places. I see them as entry points into the realm of pure potential – a reminder that acts of creation are material realizations emanating from the unknown. In essence, they are mystery realized.